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Ultimate Marketing: Video Mastery | with Tony Giordano, Social Agent 2.0

Take your video mastery to the next level…

  • EVERY Professional Needs Video: Increase your credibility and connection to people with different types of bio/promo videos.
  • EVERY Brand Needs Video: Does your brand name (as a product, service, agent, or team) have a video?
  • EVERY Database Needs Video: How often does your list hear from you and how often is it via a video?
  • EVERY Testimonial Needs Video: There is nothing better than someone else bragging about you. Testimonial videos are HUGE!
  • EVERY Product Needs Video: Show ANY product, service, or house with a video that matches what you’re listing (yes, ANY listing)

Stop using only photos & plain text.

You already know video is important, but what are you doing to implement it in your business at the highest level possible? Whether you sell B2B services, insurance, loans, $100k homes, or $10M homes, you MUST adapt with video marketing and create a habit of practicing it.

Remember, the brain retains visuals more than text — 95% of messages are retained with using video, and only 10% with using text.

Since 2009, Tony Giordano has used video for over 10 years in his business, now multiple businesses, and coaches clients of his to do the same. Tony will show you how to get more business with simple videos easy to create. You’ll walk away with proven steps that anyone can follow to create videos that get results.

So how do YOU create effective videos easily and on any budget?

In this webinar, learn how to…

  • Set more appointments with these tried and true 1-to-1 videos
  • Create videos on any budget, even if you have no budget
  • Take baby steps now for real results, then grow your budget on proven ROI

“I can’t imagine my businesses without MyOutDesk VAs! Shout out to our MyOutDesk VA Joycee!” —Tony Giordano, Author of the bestseller, The Social Agent 2.0 and a proud MyOutDesk Client since 2017

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