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The 8 competencies, skills for PRODUCTIVE social media management

As easy as it sounds social media management is not an easy job! There are many things you have to do in order to CONVERT TRAFFIC INTO SALES.

In essence, social media managers will need to be able to write content and edit content, understand new trends on social media and understand how to use analytic software for your business. They also need to edit photos, be tech-savvy and have good time management skills. You also need to be a good manager in order to delegate tasks out among team members, etc.

The 8 competencies for PRODUCTIVE social media management

Content writing

This is about producing well-written text that readers enjoy reading or even want to share with other people. You also need great grammar skills as mistakes can easily make your company look bad or unprofessional in front of readers.


Stay informed about what’s going on with different trends by following websites online or attending events related to the latest happenings in your industry.


This is a way of taking data from various sources and then interpreting it to learn about what’s happening in the business in various areas. On social media, you’ll need to know how to check on the analytics by using tools provided by your social media sites.


You need to know how to maintain the company’s reputation on social media sites. This means that you will need to stay informed about what’s happening on the sites related to your company, and you’ll need to respond quickly to negative posts that are made about your company.

Content editing

You will need to edit the content that’s being posted on social media sites by other people working for the company. This is after you make sure that the content is accurate and free of mistakes. You will also need to check the grammar, spelling, and tone of the post.

Task management

You will need to know how to delegate tasks to other people working for the company. These tasks can include editing photos, replying to customers, and posting content.

Graphic & media production

You will need to edit photos, videos, and other forms of media that are going to be posted on social media sites.

Substance over Style

People love to be inspired by substance.



You know, there’s other people who have much more well-rounded people with marketing skill sets that we can hire for a fraction of the cost … and get more done, but also they’re going to do it a lot better.” Travis Thom, MyOutDesk Client

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